Ayman is the Head of Direct Investment & Recovery Management in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Ayman has over 25 years of experience in banking and financial sector. His experience is diversified through many multinational and national banking firms and financial organizations. Ayman career path passed through different segments such as Operations, Corporate Credit and Investment. His diversified banking experience includes the largest private bank in Egypt “Commercial International Bank (CIB) and the largest public sector bank in Egypt “National Bank of Egypt (NBE)” whilst, internationally Ahli United Bank (AUB) and Abu Dhabi Islamic bank (ADIB).
Companies’ management has always been his key role to success. As a case in point, Ayman managed -as Chairman & Managing Director for National Glass Company- to rapidly restructure and shift the company financial status from consecutive losses to decent profitable company in one year, a surge in stock price from 0.72EGP to 4EGP more than 500% and forecast of further growth in its financials amid the coming 5 years.
Formerly Ayman was managing the private equity and assets portfolio of NBE worth 25bn EGP for the purpose of assets’ restructuring and fine exits. He succeeded in generating net profit of 3.5bn EGP through restructuring business. Ayman also has recorded a track of excellence in the Bank portfolio growth loans by 88% and cliental growth of 125% in 2012
Ayman was appointed by Abu Dhabi Islamic bank lately to be the chairman and managing director of many of the bank subsidies due to his proven record of achievements to fine tune all these subsidies from big valued companies with weak financial statements to profit generating companies that in accordance to its dressed values. Abu Dhabi for Real Estate, Alexandria for Investment and Securities, Abu Dhabi Holding for investment and Cairo National for investments and securities.
Ayman is also the vice Chairman for Ahly Mortgage Finance, board member in EL Mohandess for life insurance, EL Ahly for Medical Services and National Navigation Company.
Ayman holds a Master of Business Administration degree from German University in Cairo GUC